Pricing Guide

Pricing your curtain and blind clean is simple – you just have to take a few things into consideration first. Here’s a guide to help you.

How do I measure my curtains?

Measure the length

For this you’ll need a tape measure. Some curtains cover windows only, others hang right to the floor and some go from floor to ceiling. We price by the length.

Count the panels

Curtains are made up of panels, which are vertical lengths of fabric with their sides sewn together from top to bottom – the fabric between two seams is one panel, which is 1.3 metres wide. Measure the full width across the bottom of the curtain to get the correct measurement.

Since curtains usually come in pairs, there maybe be a half panel on each one. These will add up to one whole panel.

Note the type
There are two basic types of curtains. Some are a single layer of fabric, and most of these are thermal backed – coated with a soft plastic surface. Some curtains are lined – that is, two layers of fabric.

What if I have blinds?

For blinds – you measure the width and also the length when the blind is fully down.

For vertical blinds you count the number of blades.

Now I have the facts, what’s next?

Now you can Call Us and get a quote over the phone. Simple!

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