Frequently Asked Questions

Will you get out the stains?

This depends on the nature of the stain and how old it is. The fabric must be colourfast, which we will spot-test.

Will you get out all the mould?

Mostly yes, but not all fabrics are colourfast, therefore we may only be able to wash the curtain or blind, and we always spot test the material before cleaning.

Will my curtains shrink?

Some curtains do, even through our cold water cleaning process – this is an unavoidable side effect for some fabrics. We measure your curtains before cleaning, and if there is shrinkage we will steam them back to the original length or very close to it, at a cost of $5 a panel.

Does cleaning affect the colours?

Generally after cleaning whites are whiter and colours are brighter. To avoid fading, we always spot-test curtains before we clean them.

Are my curtains too big?

If you’re concerned about the size of your curtains, give us a call. We can handle curtains up to 3 metres long and 6 metres wide.

Can you clean old curtains?

Yes, if your curtains are still in good condition their age won’t matter.

What kinds of blinds do you clean?

We clean roller (Sun Filter) blinds, Roman blinds, Austrian blinds and vertical blinds. We do not clean venetian blinds.

How do I drop off my curtains or blinds?

Please ring us first to book a drop-off time, and leave all the hooks in your curtains so we can hang them up to dry.

I can’t find your address.

We’re located in Waipapa. Ring us to book a drop-off time, or make use of our convenient pick-up and delivery service.

What is your cleaning process?

We use a wet cold wash, and hang to drip dry. Lined curtains get washed front and back, and our method gets rid of mould, stains and odours without leaving harsh chemicals in your curtains.

Do you repair curtains or blinds?

We will carry out minor repairs such as restringing blinds, and replacing eyelets. These are priced separately. However, if there are major repairs needed, eg. relining, we will contact you.

Can I clean my curtains myself?

We don’t recommend it. Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may remove the colour from your curtains, and if left in could rot the fabric. You could also damage your carpet.

Why are my curtains mouldy?

Condensation forms on your windows and curtains. The sun warms the air, and allows mould and bacteria to grow. Keeping your windows clean and your home dry and well aired will help prevent mould from growing.

How can I keep the mould from coming back?

Keep your home dry and well aired and your windows clean and free from condensation.

How long does the cleaning take?

Our turnaround time is 1-2 nights. Generally if we pickup or receive your job in a morning, they are ready the next afternoon, but please allow for two nights just in case.

Do you give a guarantee?

Because every home is different, and there are so many kinds, ages and conditions of fabric, giving a guarantee would be impractical. We can give an assurance that we will take every step to care for your window furnishings, from expert assessment to attentive handling and spot-testing.